A headshot and beauty professional photographer based out of Sarasota, who loves to click, cook & travel.

I am a professional headshot photographer for business professionals and professional beauty photographer for contemporary womens portraits. I can’t stress enough how much I love my job! When you do the type of work I do you get to work with some really awesome clients. Did I mention how much I love my job?  I recommend that you have your headshot updated once a year.  So, whether you are having your headshot done for business, acting or social media we can update the perfect professional headshot for you.

My career started over 13 years ago when I fell in love with photography.  In 2015 I purchased a Portrait Studio in downtown Sarasota in the old historic colony of Towles Court.  I spent about nine months remodeling the building and as a result it turned into the perfect boutique studio for my business.

When I am not working I love to laugh with my awesome husband, hang out with our two teen-age boys or you can find me cuddling with any of our three adorable pups! Yes three! Yikes! I also love to cook and I have found that I really love to grill lately! Just call me the grill-master!  Well, don’t call me that in front of my husband!  Lol. A nice glass of red wine is always nice to have too!

We love to travel. We hit the ski slopes every year. Most of the time traveling to either Colorado or Utah. We lean more towards Colorado now as my oldest son is in college in Colorado Springs.  My husband and kids are much better skiers than I am, but I do try to hang with them!  We get our fix while skiing of the snow and then it is right back to Florida for some sunshine. We recently traveled to Italy and that was an amazing trip!  Everything there was a postcard picture worthy!

Thanks again for stopping by!

I look forward to working with you soon!


Christine Nicole

Industry:  Headshots, Beauty, Fashion